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Е-shop is designed for Block.nl company (Netherlands), which sells computers and consumer electronics.



  • Selecting a product in a catalog and its on-line order;
  • Searching products by different criteria: name, product number, keyword, etc.
  • Viewing detailed product information including their image, price, way of delivery, description of features, feedback etc.;
  • The possibility to add products to the basket with the next order of everything contained inside;
  • Payment procedures in different ways, including via iDeal – a widespread system of Internet payments in the Netherlands (http://www.ideal.nl)
  • Receiving the confirmation by E-mail about the orders made;
  • Tracking the current status of the order on-line;
  • User registration system. For the registered users it is possible to add products to their bookmarks and use discounts;
  • Sending E-mail to friends about the product selected by the user;
  • Users can sign up to receive E-mail news updates about special offers and discounts;
  • You can also change dynamically a view of e-shop.



  • Apache Struts 2;
  • Spring Framework;
  • Sitemesh;
  • Database: Oracle;
  • Spring Security;
  • Application Server: Oracle OC4J.